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Why Do Blind People Wear Sunglasses?


Q: Why do blind people wear sunglasses?

Why do blind people wear sunglasses? If they are blind, they can't use their eyes anymore. There is no need to protect their eyes.
A:My grandma was blind too. But she used to close her eyes in the house or in the outside. But I have seen the person who opened his eyes while he couldn't see anything. I can't ask my grandma why she often closed her eyes because she passes away a few years ago. So I think the blind people use sunglasses to protect their eyes from being burnt by sunlight too. Just as what we do in daily lives. Learn more answers. 
Q:Why do old people wear sunglasses?
I found that most of old people like to wear sunglasses. Why? Can sunglasses make them look younger, or sunglasses can help them see better?
A: The sunglasses can prevent our eyes from the uv rays and other strong lights. At the same time, they could make us look cool and improve our whole look. That is why a lot of people tend to wear the sunglasses nowadays. In the strong sun lights, the sunglasses could help them filter the lights and see clearly. They will look cool and special which could be used as the accessories. Learn more answers.
Q: Are aviator sunglasses suitable for asian faces?
I have a asian looking face. Can i wear aviator sunglasses? Will the sunglasses compliment me?
A: Ok, it seems that you just want to get a pair of aviator sunglasses which is pretty cool, especially for males. So, it is true that those aviator sunglasses are of great use , but you should make sure that you are compatible with those sunglasses, otherwise, you could look even more awful. Generally speaking, they are good for long faces and mature handsome. Just try them on in the shop before closing the deal ok? Learn more answers.

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